Rhetorical analysis

The money

The genre of this article is a some what non fictional personal essay. more of a personal narrative one might say as Diaz is telling his own story in first person. signs to support this claim would be that firstly Diaz is telling his own personal experience in first person. we can also notice the language used in the article is very casual and informal. It seems as if Diaz is talking directly to the reader. Furthermore the order that Diaz chooses to write in is exactly how the events took place, making it very easy for the reader to grasp the story. I personally think that the intended audience in the mind of Diaz would be either the people who live in bad neighborhoods or people who are living in America as immigrants barely making enough money to survive. Diaz puts a lot of detail in explaining how bad his neighborhood was and how things were very different from other ‘rich’ neighborhoods. One can also assume that the intended audience could be for people who enjoy a good short story, be it fictional or non fictional. Because  come to think about it, even though the events that took place were true, the story was pretty interesting. and the fact that it was true probably intrigued the audience even more, even before reading the audience could expect a story that was very meaningful and influential in Diaz’s life. Their were many purposes to the story, Diaz could’ve written it just to share an important event in his life, he could’ve wrote it to emphasize the need to change the conditions of the bad neighborhoods in America, hell its purpose could be just as plain as how hard it is to live in America as a low class immigrant. Diaz mostly fulfills the purpose of the story by sharing an experience of his life as well his thoughts and opinions  in relatively easy English; making it very simple for the reader to follow. The web design is very nice and simple, a picture of money to relate to the topic and thesis as well as good large font and spacing; making the text very easy on the eye.

Explicitly speaking, ‘The Money’ tells a story of Diaz in his early days. The story explains how Diaz’s neighborhood was in fact a very bad one and it was not very uncommon to get robbed. Diaz mentions his opinion of how he felt his family was specifically targeted for being immigrants. Diaz’s family gets robbed and his ‘mami’s’ saved up money gets stolen. Diaz later figures out that his friends were the one who committed the crime and so to even the play ground, Diaz steals the money back by breaking into his friend’s house and returns it back to his mother. Some things in the story are implied, such as the fact the Diaz was a big fan of reading. He mentions that some of his books were stolen as well, a detail he necessarily did not have to mention. Another thing that Diaz strongly implies is that his neighborhood is very bad, he mentions it by saying that if ‘it were any other neighborhood, the cops would be called’. The extended meaning of this story that i believe is that even though Diaz was growing up in this bad neighborhood, where robbery is very common, Diaz still had his morals and was not  fond of robbery at all. as he mentions in the story that he could have kept the money for him self but his guilt got the better of him and so he returned it to his mother. the story shows Diaz in a good light, a boy who liked to read books, thought about his family, and despite living in a bad neighborhood, he was a good boy.